• CatherineBraxton

Your Wounds Are Your Super Power: On Using This Mercury Retrograde to Heal Your Inner Child

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Take a deep breath in.


Slow breath out.

Repeat twice.

Allow your breathing to return to normal.

We all have traumatic childhoods to a degree. Show me someone who was never hurt even just a little bit by their child rearing and I’ll show you someone who has simply learned how to lie both to themselves and to the world around them. We are human...therefore we all have core wounding of some sort. It’s a requirement of life on this planet and a place to learn.

Mercury is the ruling planet of communication, travel, automobiles, technology, etc. Retrogrades are times of the year when the planet appears to be traveling backward in its orbit. These "retrograde" moments are times of error in communication, electronic mess ups as well as meeting mishaps and general lack of clarity. Allow extra time to get somewhere, don't make any concrete plans and definitely don't sign a contract or buy a car during a Mercs Retrograde. While it does affect pretty much everyone, not everyone is affected in the same ways. Some feel that lack of clarity stronger than others do. Some feel it in those around them, etc. Currently it is Pisces Season & Mercury Retrograde. In short definition, Pisces are the watery empaths of the zodiac with vast emotional capability and have the strongest of affinities for the element of water. They are the dreamers and hopefuls of the world with all the feels.

A pattern that I’m seeing at this time is dealing with the abandonment of the inner child. By that, I mean that strong emotions coming up at this time are probably tied to emotional wounds of childhood. For example, maybe you were lost for a split second in a clothing store when you were a child and your guardian wasn’t watching. Maybe now, you find yourself drawn to buy clothes just before your next massage session, except when you go in, so many people are there shopping too, you feel overwhelmed, realize that you are in fact late for your massage and you leave not having bought a thing and feeling profoundly upset.

This is a great time to heal and focus deeply on you. The triggers that keep coming up aren’t to hurt you, but to heal you. Remember to breathe. Your emotions are strong and can teach you. They can flow over you like water and take both stress and hurt with you. This time is for resting, grounding and using the elements around you to restore balance.

A Grounding Exercise: To Be Done in A Body of Water/ or a Field of Green

Before you enter the water/green space, call on your ancestors of good intent to cleanse and prepare your space.

Enter the space and squat down

Feel the space all around you

Holding you, Cleansing you

Washing away all that you do not need

Take deep breaths in and slow breaths out

Thank the space, Thank the ancestors

Thank yourself

Until next time