• CatherineBraxton

You Deserve Care: Three Self Care Practices to Embrace Your Sexual & Sensual Needs In This New Moon

During the New Moon is when I personally feel the most in my body. It's when I want to explore pleasure and healing and now that we're in the time of Quarantine, let's not act like some of our regular sex practices aren't cramped just a bit.

This post is all about how to reap the benefits of using the New Moon's energy to embrace both Sexual & Sensual feelings during this time. There's Mindful Masturbation practices, Yoni/Pelvic Steaming, & Cleansing Baths woven into today's post.

What is Mindful Masturbation?

Sexual energy is one of the most powerful energetic forces on the face of this planet. Sexual energy can literally create life. Masturbation and self touch is a great way to get in touch with your body, discover what your likes and dislikes are, to awaken multiple senses (sight/sound/touch & taste) and also to boost your mood and your intention! Because we are in a time of intention setting, where we can truly embrace the act of cultivating our life trajectory, I'm gonna tell you a HUGE helping fact. You can mindfully set an intention and masturbate, and expand the energy that goes into that intention. It's not magic. I'm sure you could wish for a car and receive one doing this, but did you receive a car through magic or because you wanted one, did your research on the best one for you, searched for one, and found one? An intention is sparked into a flame with action.

As you are establishing your Masturbation time, remember to be gentle, use whatever oils/lubes, toys, etc. you like and allow yourself to be. Orgasm is not the point of Mindful Masturbation, although PRAISE & BLESS if you do orgasm in this time! The point is to awaken the senses and get in touch with you. Enjoy yourself! Make some sounds! Try a new position or two! Move the energy up and through your body with breath! Happy Masturbating Boo Xx

What is Yoni/Pelvic Steaming?

I've read so much about Yoni steams that I couldn't believe that up until the end of last year, I had never done one. This year being my year of "fuck it, let's do this", I sought out ways to learn more about herbalism and my "Yoni" or "sacred space", "vulva & vagina", "low pelvic organs",etc. What I experienced when finally steaming gave and continues to give me a deep sense of warmth and appreciation for my body in a new light.

I began the journey of herbalism a long time ago and very "untraditional" in the academic sense. I've always loved plants and growing up my mom had a big beautiful Aloe plant that was used for any and all burns, cuts, bruises, hair care, etc. I used to sit with that plant and talk to it all the time. I would thank it for it's healing waters and always be careful to place it in spots where it wouldn't be in danger in the change of seasons. I've learned and continue to learn everything that I know from books and conversations with others, elders and young folks...friends, etc. I hope to one day learn more through an apprenticeship. (Any Black or Native Midwives out there wanting a new apprentice?)

Traditionally, the entire cycle of hormonal activity leading into bleeding time is the Moon Cycle. Bleeding is just one part of the cycle. This is important because steaming should be done when NOT bleeding. Some of the herbs that I mention should not be used if you are pregnant as they are known for bringing on blood.

In order to steam, I use an ottoman, place the herbs in a big pot, boil some water, pour the water over the herbs, cover the pot and let it steam for a while and then take a big sheet and wrap it around my torso. I then undress from the waist down and sit down with my legs wide in a squatting position. Take deep breaths in and slow breaths out. With each breath relax the pelvis. You can also use pillows as a cushion and kneel down over a bowl. Try different things and see what works for you!

This particular blend is meant to soften, bring on bleeding time and to engage the Root Chakra, while soothing PMS symptoms and helping to rid any fibroids. I also tend to use Lavender which is soothing and sleepy while also cleansing as it is an astringent, as well as Yarrow, which helps blood flow throughout the body and increases the vibe of the "Mother