• CatherineBraxton

The Art in Saying Goodbye: How to Let Things Go with the Help of Your Crystals


Take a deep breath in


Slow breath out

Allow your breathing to return to normal.

We are currently in the shadow of a full moon. This is a perfect time to take note of the intentions that you set about two weeks ago during the new moon. How are you being called to listen?

For me, I spent much purposeful time seeking clarity and release. How many things am I holding onto that no longer serve me? How am I dragging behind me, the lost love of trauma filled origins?

Let it go. You can't bring it with you and it really does not serve this next elevation of yourself. That's what I keep telling myself. But how....How to let go of these things.

In comes crystal work.

I adore working with crystals. When I was a child, much to my mothers dismay, I would put crystals in my mouth and suck on them, because they "tasted good." Crystals are not iphones, even though there are earthy crystals that power your iphone. Crystals require time and attention to really receive all their goodness.

How can you maximize your crystal time & use them to release on the full moon?

1. Clease Them Frequently

This means looking up their properties. Do they do well when placed in water? Can they be heated? What about putting them in earth to soak up the soil's wisdom? What about sitting them on the window during a full moon? DO your research for your stone of choice and cleanse that stone often as you work to clear your personal blockage.

2. Talk To Them

My stones LOVE to be talked to, held, rubbed, massaged, and babied. They are much like myself. Snuggle time is the right time. Get to know your stones and what they might like.

3. Place Them Intentionally

If you don't have an altar, that's fine. One of these days I will do a "how to" on altar creation. But in the meantime, where/how do you place your crystals that is intentional and meaningful? Have you looked up crystal gridding? You can also just place them as you feel called to. Listen to the crystals, they will tell you.

4. Meditate With Them

Taking space, 5-10 minutes a day to intentionally breathe and meditate with your crystals can power them and yourself. Cultivating both space and time can truly be healing.

5. Sleep With Them

Consensually of course. Take them to bed with you. Place one under your pillow and pay close attention to your dreams that night. I've been often sleeping with my obsidian yoni egg to release pelvic tension and cut chords of sexual trauma.

These are five simple ways to bond with your crystals and honestly whatever way you choose isn't wrong at all. Carry it with you during the day. Place it in your purse or pant pocket. Spend time with your healing process. That's all that is really required. Time spent.

I hope that you find this helpful, and that your crystal journey is full and healing. I'm going to continue to hang out with my babies. I'm currently holding my citrine as I write this, and we both wish you well on your full moon journey.

Be blessed.

Until Next Time