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Quarantine Truths: If I Do Nothing I'm Still Deserving of Love & Sensuality

The time that we are living through right now is unprecedented. It's never happened before at this magnitude. That's powerful. Those of us living on this planet are being called to truly change our patterns in radical ways. What is it like to be called to slow down?

For me, it is frustrating, infuriating, depressing, exhilarating, exciting, warm and snuggly, annoying, discomforting, etc. There are a range of emotions that the collective human consciousness is experiencing at the moment due to this giant change and all of them are valid. I've heard so many things in the last few days and weeks from, fear of weight gain to the incredible nudge of productivity during crisis. Let me make this as clear as I can with all yall lovelies hopefully safe at home. IF YOU DO NOTHING BUT CARE FOR YOUR BASIC NEEDS DURING THIS TIME, YOU ARE STILL WORTHY OF LOVE & BELONGING.

We live in a society that encourages us to work until we die, to reach but never receive unless you are white and thin and to "do insert goal here" simply because society deems it important. For many of us, being alive is an act of daily resistance. That's it. You woke up today and that is your daily act of resistance. What then, does it mean to just "be"?

It might mean that you feed your belly more than you are used to and that you gain a few pounds. It might mean that you sit with some tea and a good book. It might mean that you watch all the Netflix films and tv shows. It might mean that you go on a run every morning, a walk at night, or just sit in and on your couch, finding new spots to feel right at home. None of these responses are shameful. They are simply a reaction.

Allow yourself that reaction.

Until next time


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