A Little More About Me

My name is Catherine, pronouns are they, them and she/her. I identify as being queer and fluid in my existence as a feminine presenting person.  I came to yoga & movement as a healing practice through the world of dance. I am a survivor of Sexual Violence, Trauma and Domestic Abuse.

The journey began purely with wanting to heal myself. Through the years, I began to use movement, ritual and education to heal not just myself, but others as well. I attended Wheaton College, and later Brown University on Wampanoag Territory (Providence, RI) studying Theater & Africana Studies with a focus in Ritual & Pre-Antebellum North America, where I also learned about Viewpoints work. I then moved on to an Education Internship at Trinity Repertory Company and continued to teach various classes from Theater Education to Dance & Movement.

I then participated in months long internships on Lenapehoking (NYC) in yoga and movement studios (And Yoga Studios/Anya Yoga Studio) and finally received my 200HR RYT Yoga Certification in 2017 from Jai Yoga Arts. During this time, I volunteered and worked in abortion work with Planned Parenthood and unofficially assisted both abortions and births, simply as a support person for friends. Through this I found my calling. I am currently enrolled in a Full Spectrum Doula Training with Birth Advocacy Doulas, to be certified to assist in the Full Spectrum of Birth, Abortion, Bereavement & Postpartum.

I am currently attending East West College of the Healing Arts in a 15 month Massage Therapy program and will be a Licensed Massage Therapist as of next year. In addition, I am an apprentice with Be Abundant Bodywork in CranioSacral Therapy. 

How Do I Hold Space? 

In engaging with me, I offer a safer space for maintained presence. As a survivor of trauma with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder who has engaged and continues to engage in much education on the subject, I am highly knowledgeable in regards to mental wellness. I build spaces that are centered on trauma conscious wellness and awareness. I am focused on cultivating a Body Positive, Queer Affirming space that centers YOUR needs and wants!