Hi, I'm Catherine

Welcome & thank you for being here. I am a Trauma Informed Healing Guide. My work is in Full Spectrum Doula Services, Queer Witchery, Body Movement Awareness & Writing. I will soon be a licensed Massage Therapist.  I use practices of herbal medicine, crystals, yoga & body movement & writing to build spaces that center Decolonization in promoting body positive, trauma informed and antiracist healing.


Rootwork Healingshop

An educational and communal space to process, discover & heal

One on One

Are you looking for a one on one guide to help you discover weekly self care practices? Through the Rootwork Healingshop, you can schedule one on one sessions with me and we can cultivate some healing time.

Group Classes

Are you looking for movement classes that are body positive and allow you to relax into your body? Through the Rootwork Healingshop, you can sign up for any of the weekly classes from beginner flow to Trauma Informed space for Survivors.


Are you looking to spend a couple hours in a learning and communal mode, while engaging in healing space? Sign up for one of the monthly Rootwork Healingshop workshops!


“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

African Proverb


In Search of A Garden™

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